Because we’re committed to using only the best polyethylene resin—resin that meets FDA standards for food contact, can be manufactured to tight dimensional tolerances, and meets our high standards for strength and clarity—we use only virgin polyethylene. That is, polyethylene that hasn’t yet been recycled or reprocessed and is free from any impurities.

With that said, we know it’s important to limit any impact our materials may have on the environment. That’s why 100% of any internal scrap we produce during the manufacturing process is sent off to recyclers where it can be reprocessed and made into other products.

While we try to minimize waste in the manufacturing process, some scrap is inevitable. Because we use top-of-the-line resin, our scrap is easy to recycle and reuse and therefore highly valued by recyclers. Some common products made from recycled polyethylene are trash bags and building materials.

We live in a time when environmental concern is essential. It only makes sense as far as we’re concerned—recycling and reprocessing has been part of our approach since we opened our doors nearly 30 years ago, and it will always be that way.