Plastic pallet covers are an inexpensive and effective way to protect your products during transit, but are they really necessary? Let’s talk about the value these simple products bring to your business and three reasons you should be using them.

What Are Plastic Pallet Covers?

An alternative to bulky, heavy, and expensive pallet cover tarps, plastic pallet covers are made to do their job, and do it well. They are slim yet durable plastic sheets that are shaped to fit snugly over pallets and skids, protecting their contents from the surrounding environment. Pallet covers limit extra material, so they don’t add significant weight or dimension to your shipment and they outperform pallet cover tarps in cost, quality, and durability.

Easy-to-use and available in flat or gusseted styles, pallet covers are ideal for temporary storage or shipping, and can be custom-branded to keep your products organized and safe.

3 Reasons to Use Plastic Pallet Covers

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to protect pallets and their contents, pallet covers are the perfect solution. Here are just a ways to use them:

#1 Organize Items with Plastic Pallet Covers

Using pallet covers helps keep your products organized. When you prepare your items for storage or shipping, pallet covers can be used to help differentiate between different types of products, or separate yours from others so you can locate them easily. Keep similar items grouped together and protect them with a durable, custom plastic pallet cover.

#2 Protect Products from Damage with Plastic Pallet Covers 

Pallet covers are a cost-effective way to keep products safe from environmental hazards like humidity, UV light, wind, and rain. They also protect them from damage from scratching and keep off dirt, dust, and debris. For sensitive products, this added layer of protection is essential. 

#3 Brand Items Using Plastic Pallet Covers

Plastic pallet covers can support custom branding options. Use your company’s colors and logo on all of your pallet covers to quickly distinguish your items from others and improve the shipping quality and experience for your customers. When your products arrive at their destination or are removed from storage, they will be as perfect as when they were shipped or stored, and bear your company brand.

Get Custom Plastic Pallet Covers with No Minimum Order

Plastic pallet covers are perfect for a number of applications. If you’re looking for custom pallet covers, or if you need a number of pallet covers that doesn’t meet a minimum pallet cover order, A-Pac Manufacturing can help. We offer no-minimum order quantities and custom poly bag options. Give our team a call for more information

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