A-Pac’s More Sustainable Poly Bags

A-Pac Manufacturing is committed to supporting greener and more eco-friendly packaging initiatives. Our new more sustainable poly bags are our next step in offering you more of the environmentally friendly solutions you’re looking for.

Greener Poly Bags From

A-Pac Manufacturing

The A-Pac Manufacturing team is excited to provide a more sustainable product offering. Our clients have the option to order the same, reliable, versatile custom poly bags, now with up to 20% plant-based material.  Using NuPlastiQ® technology, we are able to deliver the plastic bags you trust to package your products and display your brand, but better — for your company and the planet.

Why Choose More Sustainable Poly Bags?

A-Pac Manufacturing’s sustainable poly bags are made from up to 20% plant-based polymer. This abundant, renewable resource provides many of the qualities prized in man-made polymers: strength, durability, and affordability — but it has one quality that plastic does not: the ability to more quickly biodegrade.

More Sustainable Poly Bag Technology

Much like paper, the NuPlastiQ® plant-based polymer can quickly biodegrade by naturally-occurring microorganisms. When combined with our durable poly bag materials, this more sustainable polymer can accelerate biodegradation of the material if they are not properly recycled.

Answer The Demand for Eco-Friendly Packaging With A-Pac’s More Sustainable Poly Bag Offering

A-Pac’s more sustainable poly bags offer a new way to customize your poly bag order: a more eco-friendly option for your products and customers. A-Pac Manufacturing is known for handling each order as a custom order. We’re proud to offer one more option to enhance service for our customers.

What are the benefits of our more sustainable poly bags?

By using plant based polymers, we can continue to support custom branding, different bag styles, and mil strengths — now with a plant-based component that can reduce your cradle-to-gate plastic resin-related carbon footprint by up to 20%.

Compared to traditional plastic alternatives, an eco-friendly A-Pac poly bag offers more sustainability without the tradeoffs of heavier, bulkier materials. It won’t break like glass if dropped or disintegrate like paper if wet, and its lightweight composition and slim profile means this poly bag is less wasteful to produce and less expensive to ship.

Call the A-Pac Manufacturing team to discuss eco-friendly packaging options for your next order.

Benefits Include

  • 1-20% less reliance on fossil fuels in plastic composition
  • Increased likelihood of biodegradation*
  • Recycling-compatible poly bags (in closed loop systems where material is known)
  • Affordable packaging option compared to plastic alternatives
  • Available in many bag styles, colors, & branding options

At A-Pac Manufacturing, we’re proud to combine NuPlastiQ® plant-based polymer with polyethylene or polypropylene resin to form a BioBlend™ poly bag.

*Virtually all products impact the environment. NuPlastiQ® BioPolymer is owned and manufactured by BiologiQ®, a company not affiliated with A-Pac Manufacturing. All product descriptions herein are taken from BiologiQ’s® product detail. A-Pac Manufacturing makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, of merchantability, fitness for any particular purpose, productiveness, or any other matter regarding NuPlastiQ® BioPolymer. 

Plant-Based Poly Bags from A-Pac Manufacturing: Your Future Orders Just Got More Sustainable

Our engineers can customize our more sustainable poly bags for your product needs. Contact us to discuss using a more sustainable formula for your next order.

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