If you’ve been working with the same poly bag supplier for a while, things may not be the same as when you placed your first order. Maybe they consistently make mistakes, deliver your order late, or never answer the phone. If things keep going wrong with your orders, you’ll need to consider switching to a new one. Let’s take a look at 5 key signs it’s time to start looking for a new poly bag supplier.

5 Signs It’s Time for a New Poly Bag Supplier

It can be hard to end a relationship with a poly bag supplier, but if you’ve noticed any of these signs, it might be time to do it anyway. You deserve better.

#1 Missing or Incomplete Orders

If you’re dealing with a poly bag supplier that makes mistakes with your order by shipping the incorrect quantity, you consistently notice flaws with the bag design or quality, or you have orders that are missing altogether, it’s time for a new poly bag supplier. A poly bag supplier that doesn’t work hard to exceed your expectations — or even meet your basic order specifications — can’t provide the quality product that you and your business need. It’s time to find one who can get it right the first time and every time.

The right poly bag supplier puts its customers first, and knows how to get the job done correctly and efficiently. They will design poly bags that best suit the needs of your business and craft them using the highest quality materials. Then, they’ll always double check the order details to make sure they ship exactly what you need, when you need it.

#2 Low Quality Products

If your poly bag supplier gives you sub-par products, don’t put up with it. If your poly bags don’t last, the plastic rips or tears, and the promised quality doesn’t match what you’re paying, it’s time to ditch your current supplier and find a new poly bag supplier that works with better quality materials, and designs products that actually hold up. 

The right poly bag supplier will take the time to understand what you need your poly bags to do — the tensile strength, durability, and functionality of the bags — and design the perfect bag type for you. Considering factors such as the type of material, bag thickness, custom branding, clarity, sustainability, and more, the right supplier will dial in all the features that matter to you, so you end up with a product perfectly suited for your needs.

#3 Rising Prices

If you’re tired of weeding out hidden fees and battling rising prices for the same poly bag order, it might be time to look for a new poly bag supplier. Some suppliers try to nickel and dime their customers by imposing minimum order amounts or asking them to increase their order amount or frequency, which isn’t putting their customers’ needs first. You shouldn’t have to haggle to get the poly bags you need at a reasonable price, just find the right poly bag supplier.

The right poly bag supplier will be transparent about pricing — so you understand the costs that go into your product and the value you’ll receive for your investment. There’s no reason to hide behind a pricing wall because the right poly bag supplier will let the quality of the product speak for itself. The price of your poly bag order will match the product value, timely delivery, and exceptional customer service.

#4 Complicated Ordering Process

If it feels like it’s consistently a struggle to place a new order every time you need more poly bags, it might be time for a new poly bag supplier. If your supplier can’t make the time to talk to you about your order, find a new one!

With the right poly bag supplier, ordering should be simple, even enjoyable. They will be able to navigate the ordering process to solve for your needs. They will always be reachable at any time to answer questions, talk over the details of your order, or receive feedback.

#5 Lacking Customer Service

If you have a problem with your order, do you have a poly bag supplier you trust to fix it? If you have a last minute request or a rush order, can you rely on them to help you out? If your poly bag supplier isn’t willing to go above and beyond to provide excellent service, or they simply can’t be bothered to help, it’s definitely time for a new poly bag supplier.

The right poly bag supplier understands that things can change quickly for your business. If you need to increase or adjust your order, your poly bag supplier should be ready to help you get what you need. They genuinely care about creating a product you’ll be excited about, and are always looking for opportunities to demonstrate their skill and problem solving abilities. If you’ve got a reliable poly bag supplier in your corner, you’re ready for just about anything that comes your way.

Choose the Right Poly Bag Supplier

You’ll know you’ve found the right poly bag supplier when they take the time to understand your product needs and specifications, get your order right and delivered to you on time, and make the process simple, straightforward and enjoyable. Finding the right poly bag supplier can even save you money, because you get a better product, of a quality you can trust to handle what you need it to.

Time for a new poly bag supplier? A-Pac Manufacturing is ready to help. We offer custom poly bags at no minimum order, and with a 2-3 week lead time. Let us know how we can help you.

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