When designing the best poly bag for your application, the poly bag seal is just as important as the poly bag type or material. There are many poly bag seals to choose from, including zip, heat seal, twist tie, fold and adhesive, and more. Let’s take a look at a few of the most popular poly bag seals and what different seals are used for, so you can decide which option might be best for your application. 

6 Popular Poly Bag Seals

No matter what you need to package, from agricultural items to auto parts, there’s a poly bag seal that will be perfect for your application.

#1 Twist Tie Poly Bags

This type of poly bag seals with a thin, flexible wire or ribbon which wraps around the bag opening and twists or ties to secure. The poly bag is open on one end and heat sealed on the other. It’s commonly used for packaging food items such as bread, potatoes, or loose bulk cereals and grains.

#2 Seal Reclosable Poly Bags

Seal reclosable poly bags are a popular choice because they allow for an airtight seal and repeated use. To open and close this poly bag seal, tracks on either side of the bag opening fit together, allowing the bag to be pressed close. A lip extends above the seal so it can be easily reopened by peeling the two sides apart. 

Seal reclosable poly bags can be used for a variety of items, and are typically used to hold small parts, especially those that can be stored and accessed again later.

#3 Zip Seal Reclosable Poly Bags

Similar to the seal reclosable poly bags, this poly bag seal also closes by bringing the adjoining tracks together. However, this type of poly bag seals using a zipper or slide. The zipper eliminates the need for extra material to be used as a lip. Zip seal reclosable poly bags allow more convenient, repeated access to the contents of the poly bag. 

#4 Fold and Adhesive Poly Bags

As one of the most cost-effective poly bag seals, the fold and adhesive poly bag seal is a popular choice. An extra lip of material extends beyond the bag opening, which is folded over the bag to close. A strip of adhesive secures the fold to contain the bag contents. This type of poly bag seal is not typically reusable, as it requires the bag to be torn open. Some poly bags with this seal option may have a perforated edge for easy access. 

A fold and adhesive poly bag seal is ideal for packaging items that need protection from dirt or debris, but aren’t meant to be airtight or puncture resistant. They are commonly used for packaging items like clothing or fabric, or can even be used as temporary storage for food items.

#5 Drawstring Reclosable Poly Bags

Drawstring reclosable poly bag seals use a simple cotton rope, threaded through a heat-sealed tube at the opening of the poly bag. To close, the ends of the rope are pulled tight. To open, the rope slides back into the tube as the opening expands. 

One advantage of drawstring reclosable poly bag seals is that the rope closure can double as a handle for easy transport. This type of reclosable poly bag seal is often used to package ice, as it can be easily accessed and reused.

#6 Heat Seal Poly Bags

Heat seal poly bags use one of the most basic sealing options. Once the poly bag is filled, a special device fuses the sides of the bag together, melting the material slightly and then allowing it to cool quickly to form an airtight seal. Heat seal poly bags can be used for almost everything, from protecting plastic cutlery to containing small parts to packaging medical devices.

To access the contents of the poly bag, the material needs to be cut or torn, which means it can’t typically be reused or reclosed. Heat seals for poly bags are commonly used for single-use packaging, where items need moisture-protection or to prevent contamination of sterile products. 

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