Invest in Custom Wicketed Bags For Your Business

Invest in Custom Wicketed Bags For Your Business

If you’re looking for practical packaging solutions, wicketed bags could be the right option for your business. They offer convenience and strength for food, medical, and industrial packaging, among others. So, whether you need to package bread or metal parts, wicketed bags are a fantastic option for your business needs. 

What Are Wicketed Bags? 

The unique features of wicketed bags have made them a packaging method that can fulfill various needs. Wicketed bags are defined by the metal wire, known as a wicket, that holds them together and eases the packaging process. The wicket is inserted into small holes at the top of each bag, and the bags are laid over each other. This setup allows each bag to be dispensed individually and efficiently. 

Additionally, these high-clarity plastic bags are also known for their strength. Of course, with plastic bags, increased strength also means increased weight capacity and durability. The practicality and effectiveness of these bags make them an excellent option for any application. 

How Your Business Should Use Wicketed Bags 

Due to the versatility of wicketed bags, they can serve businesses in various forms. Industries like food, manufacturing, and retail often rely on these bags for two main uses, packaging and advertising. 


Due to the versatility and durability of wicketed bags, they are used to package many goods. Some of the most common applications for wicketed bags include: 

  • Produce bags
  • Food packaging
  • Bakery bags
  • Bread bags
  • Product bags
  • Small parts bags 
  • Hardware bags 


Although plastic bags are seemingly mundane objects, they carry significant advertising power. Wicketed bags are easily customized to promote any product or brand. Therefore, every plastic bag your business uses is an opportunity for advertising that you should utilize to increase your customer base and grow your business. 

Benefits of Custom Wicketed Bags 

Wicketed bags are an excellent option for packaging, and they offer many benefits that can significantly improve your production processes. These are some of the most notable benefits of wicketed bags

  • Ease of use | Wicketed poly bags are easy to dispense, open, and close, making packing quick and simple. 
  • Food freshness | The durable, food-safe material used in producing wicketed bags makes them ideal for keeping debris, moisture, and pests away from edible goods. 
  • Durability | Whether you’re packaging sharp, heavy, or fragile objects, the durability of these bags ensures the utmost protection. 
  • Lightweight | Excellent for shipping goods without affecting weight limits. 
  • Reduced production costs | Easy packing boosts productivity and reduces production costs.  
  • High customizability | Offered in various sizes, thicknesses, colors, and materials. 

How to Customize Wicketed Bags 

Whether you need to package uniquely-shaped objects or drive brand awareness, custom wicketed bags can help achieve your business goals. These bags can be customized in many ways, making endless combinations. 


Wicketed bags can be manufactured in various sizes, accommodating an enormous array of products. A-Pac Manufacturing offers wicketed bags in the following sizes: 

  • Small: 4 x 8 inches to 9 x 12 inches
  • Medium: 12 x 14 inches to 14 x 16 inches
  • Large: up to 25 x 37 inches 


  • LDPE – tough, flexible, and moisture resistant
  • HDPE – lightweight, strong, and non-abrasive
  • LLDPE – durable, puncture resistant, and low clarity
  • Metallocene – thin and strong
  • VCI – low density, rust protection, and moisture resistant
  • EVA – elastic, tacky, and sealable
  • UVI – UV ray protection 

Available Colors

Any shade of the following hues: 

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • White
  • Black


With the help of our powerful printing capabilities, you can customize wicketed bags for your business even further. Add logos or descriptors to make the bags functional and unique while strengthening your brand. 

Customize Wicketed Bags for Any Application With A-Pac

The advantages offered by wicketed bags are many. That’s why so many industries rely on A-Pac Manufacturing to develop high-quality wicketed bags. The best part? We offer two essential perks – customization and no minimum order requirements. So, no matter the specifications of your bags, we can make them. 

Ready to place an order? Contact our team to request a quote and get started. 

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How to Find Gusseted Bags at a Wholesale Price

How to Find Gusseted Bags at a Wholesale Price

When you own a business, finding high-quality packaging for your product is crucial. Consider choosing gusseted bags. They can be used for a wide range of applications and make your brand stand out from the rest. Invest in gusseted bags at a wholesale price to make the most out of your purchase.

Why Choose Wholesale Gusseted Bags for Your Business?

Are you interested in gusseted bags for your business? Read on to discover the benefits of gusseted bags and how to choose the right ones, at the best price, for you.

What Are Gusseted Bags?

A gusset is an extra piece of fabric that can be added to the bottom or sides of a bag to make it roomier, so it can hold more inside. It also gives the bag an added element of strength, so it can hold heavier objects and be more durable. Plus, gusseted bags can stand up on their own, making them ideal for display purposes and easier to fill. 

Gusseted Bags

What Can Gusseted Bags Be Used For?

Wholesale gusseted bags can be used for a wide range of applications. If you think your product would benefit from a durable bag that can stand upright on its own, a gusseted bag is the right choice for you. 

Some of the most common uses for gusseted bags include:

  • Breads and bakery items
  • Food items
  • Meat and poultry
  • Box liners 
  • Tote liners
  • Metal screws and parts
  • Coffee
  • Ice
  • Soil
  • And so much more!

benefits of gusseted poly bags

What Are the Benefits of Gusseted Bags?

In today’s world, many businesses are straying away from traditional flat bags and cardboard packaging and opting for high-quality gusseted bags. Compared to other packaging options, the advantages of wholesale gusseted bags include the following:

  • Increased Volume: The gussets expand as you fill the bag, allowing it to hold more product in a smaller space. 
  • Display Versatility: The bottom of gusseted bags is flat, which allows the bag to stand erect on its own. This is a benefit for filling and displaying or storing the bag on a shelf. 
  • Durability: Gusseted bags implement strong, durable, high-barrier films to protect your products. 
  • Design Variability: Wholesale gusset bags are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, materials, and colors, so it’s easy to find exactly what you need for your business. 
  • Even Weight Distribution: Weight is more uniformly distributed in gusseted bags when compared to other packaging mediums – making it easier for transportation and carrying. 

How to Measure Gusseted Bags

When investing in wholesale gusset bags, you must choose the right size for your product. Extra material can affect the safety and condition of its contents, and the consumer can be disappointed when they open a bag and find that it’s only half full. 

Look at the image below to measure your product and decide what size of gusseted bags you need. Here, you can also refer to our helpful How to Choose the Right Bag guide.

gusset bags

Choose A-Pac for Gusseted Bags at a Wholesale Price

If you need to invest in top-of-the-line bags for your business, A-Pac Manufacturing has you covered. We offer custom sizes, colors, and materials and no minimum order quantity, so it’s easy to find any gusseted poly bag to suit your company’s needs. We can also manufacture any size poly bag! Just let us know what size you’re looking for, and we’ll make it happen.

If you’re interested in our products, send us a message or request a quote today to get started. We can’t wait to assist you!

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5 of the Best Advantages of Plastic Bags for Packaging Goods

5 of the Best Advantages of Plastic Bags for Packaging Goods

In today’s world, there are many options to choose from when it comes to packaging materials. From cardboard to glass to aluminum – the possibilities can be overwhelming. While some companies have started to steer away from plastic options, it’s still one of the best options.

Did you know that there are many advantages of plastic bags for packaging? We’re here to give you the inside scoop!

5 Advantages of Plastic Bags

Discover five of the best advantages of plastic bags and why they might be the right choice for your company.

1. Plastic Bags Are Thin and Lightweight

One of the main advantages of plastic bag packaging is that the material is quite thin, which means they take up minimal storage space. Since they are so thin and extremely lightweight, plastic bags are easy to transport, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint during transportation. 

2. Plastic Bags Are Flexible and Adaptable

Since plastic bags are flexible in nature, they are a very adaptable form of packaging. This allows manufacturers to easily customize the size, shape, and style to fit each customer’s specific needs. 

Here at A-Pac Manufacturing, we’re proud to produce top-notch custom-made plastic bags. We have no minimum order quantity and offer a quick turnaround time. 

3. Plastic Bag Packaging is Strong and Durable

Plastic bag packaging is strong and resistant to external influences, so you can be sure that your product is protected at all times. When you use plastic packaging, you’ll avoid losses due to faulty packaging and always ensure your brand remains consistent and offers successful delivery. Plus, you’ll save money when you’re not having to replace damaged goods!

When we make our bags here at A-Pac Manufacturing, you can specify the strength you desire for your bags. If your product is sharp or bulky, you might want to opt for a thicker bag for additional protection. 

4. Plastic Bags Are a Cost-Effective Solution

When it comes to cost-effective packaging options, plastic bags are one of the best options on the market. Compared to paper bags, plastic bags will win every time when it comes to price comparison. For example, a standard plastic grocery bag costs about a penny to produce and paper bags cost 4 cents to 5 cents to produce. 

5. Plastic Bags Are More Environmentally Friendly Than You Might Think

When people think of plastic, their mind often immediately thinks of waste or trash. However, plastic packaging bags can be more environmentally friendly than you might think. 

While the vast majority of community recycling centers do not accept plastic bags in curbside recycling bins, a great alternative to this is recycling programs facilitated by local grocery stores. Recycle bins are offered near entrances so customers can recycle plastic grocery bags, bubble wrap, and more. 

Another way that plastic bags are more sustainable is, that they require less energy to produce compared to other materials, such as paper. According to a study conducted by United States EPA, “Plastic bags use 40% less energy to produce and generate 80% less solid waste than paper. Also, a pound of plastic takes 91% less energy to recycle as compared to a pound of paper.”

If you’re interested in more eco-friendly packaging initiatives, reach out to A-Pac Manufacturing to learn more or request a quote for our 20% plant-based material packaging. 

Get the High-Quality Plastic Bags You Need

If plastic bags are the right solution for your packaging needs, it’s time you get in touch with A-Pac Manufacturing. We offer bags in a wide range of standard and custom sizes. We also provide some of the shortest lead times in the industry, at no minimum order quantity. Give us a call for more information today! 

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Pros and Cons of Wicketed Poly Bags

Pros and Cons of Wicketed Poly Bags

When you’re looking for the most effective and efficient way to package your products, there is a wide variety of options to consider. You’ll have to weigh the pros and cons, taking into account not just your needs but also those of your customers. Wicketed poly bags are one great option, especially when you’re packaging products that need individual attention on the showroom floor or in a retail environment. 

Here’s everything you need to know about wicketed bags so you can make an informed decision.

Pros of Using Wicketed Poly Bags

Wicketed poly bags provide a number of benefits to businesses and their customers. The most important is their ease of use. Customers can easily open and close these bags, which means they are also easy to pack. This leads to faster service times and lower costs for your business.

Wicketed bags also boost productivity by making it easier for employees to package products quickly and efficiently, leading to increased sales at the cash register and speed on the production line.

You can customize wicketed poly bags in any way you want—choose from a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes, and materials that best match your brand image or product packaging needs. This allows your company to turn a mundane everyday object into a powerful advertising tool.

Cons of Using Wicketed Poly Bags

Despite the many benefits of using wicketed poly bags, they do have some downsides. 

Wicketed poly bags can tear more easily than some poly bags, but this is why they are mainly used for smaller parts or lighter materials like bread. The wickets help to create a wider wall thickness and make them easier to seal, but this construction can make them a bit less sturdy than other types of plastic bags. 

Wicketed poly bags are also designed to be lightweight for handling and packaging, which means they may tear more easily than some options. 

Finally, the use of metal or rubber wickets in the manufacturing process leaves behind waste in the form of leftover material that cannot be recycled or reused. The cost of this waste is passed on to customers at higher prices for goods sold in wicketed bags. That said, in most cases, the efficiency that a wicketed bag provides to the production process often outweighs the cost of this waste.

When are Wicketed Bags Right for My Application?

If you’re considering wicketed bags for your specific application, it’s important to be aware of both the advantages and disadvantages that wicketed bags carry. In most cases, wicketed bags are perfect for any application that needs to package small parts, is looking to improve production efficiency, and needs a fast, economical packaging solution. 

We recommend testing different types of bags and materials with your customers before settling on a final choice so that everyone’s satisfied in the end! Once you’ve weighed the pros and cons, whether you’ve decided wicketed poly bags are right for you, or you need another solution, the A-Pac manufacturing team can help. We carry wicketed plastic bags in a range of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses, and we also offer a wide range of other poly bag construction options to suit any application. 

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How Custom-Printed Food Packaging Bags Can Set Your Business Apart

How Custom-Printed Food Packaging Bags Can Set Your Business Apart

The food and beverage industry is extremely competitive — making it a tough market to succeed in. With so many products for consumers to choose from (both on shelves and online), it’s imperative for food suppliers to stand out by creating a unique, memorable brand…and custom food packaging is one of the best ways to accomplish that. 

So, in this article, we’ll be outlining the advantages of custom-printed food packaging bags — along with some important considerations to keep in mind when ordering your custom food bags.

Benefits of Custom-Printed Food Packaging Bags

When it comes to packaged food products, the overall customer experience extends beyond the food itself: packaging also plays a very influential role. Custom-printed bags elevate the look and feel of your products while simultaneously allowing you to convey your brand’s image. And, on that note, let’s further unpack each of those concepts:

Enhanced Aesthetic (Shelf Appeal)

Humans are naturally visual creatures — which is why your packaging’s aesthetic is so important from a marketing and sales standpoint. One Ipsos survey found that 72% of Americans agree packaging affects their purchase decisions — and this phenomenon can have a profound impact on your bottom line. 30% of businesses report a significant lift in revenue following a packaging improvement. 

Packaging is usually the first thing consumers notice when evaluating product options. Given this fact, packaging that is eye-catching or visually appealing will have a distinct advantage. With custom-printed food bags, you can utilize colors, designs, and images to make your products stand out, ultimately enticing consumers to buy.

Branding & Messaging

In addition to aesthetic appeal, packaging also serves as a powerful branding medium. Branding involves aesthetics (color palettes, logos, etc.), but it also goes deeper by communicating ideas/values and evoking various emotions that can influence consumer behavior. And, when a brand resonates with consumers, this fosters brand loyalty and repeat purchases over the long term. 

One of the main ways that brands communicate their values with consumers is via brand messaging. In a marketing context, ‘messaging’ refers not only to the literal words and phrases brands use, but also to the emotional connotations those words and phrases carry. Across all industries, brand messaging has proven to be a highly effective marketing tactic — and custom-printed food packaging bags are the perfect way to showcase your brand’s message.

Key Considerations When Ordering Custom-Printed Food Packaging Bags

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of custom food packaging bags, let’s review some important decisions to make before placing your order.

Bag Material and Specifications

Before you get into the customization aspects, you must first determine the right size and thickness for your bags. This will mainly depend on the product’s dimensions and weight. Obviously, you’ll need bags that are large enough to fit the product — but if you go too large, you’ll be wasting material. So, you’ll need to find bag dimensions that fit the product neatly without being oversized. 

Next, you’ll need to select a material to fit your needs. LDPE is one of the most common plastics for food packaging, but there are other options to consider (e.g. HDPE, Metallocene, EVA, LLDPE, etc.). You’ll also need to choose an appropriate thickness, which can range anywhere from 0.5-6 mil. Thicker bags provide additional protection and puncture resistance, so they may be necessary for heavier products or items with protruding corners.

*If you need help determining which material/specifications are best suited to your application, our experts here at A-Pac Manufacturing would be happy to assist you. Contact our team for a free consultation.

Order Quantity

Once you’ve determined your bag dimensions and thickness, the next step is to choose your order quantity. Like bag specifications, the key here is to find a balance between too much versus not enough. With larger quantities, you’ll enjoy a lower cost per unit. However, ordering an excessive surplus will waste material and money. 

Furthermore, some small businesses struggle with manufacturers’ minimum order requirements — when even the minimum order is substantially more than the business needs. That’s why, at A-Pac Manufacturing, we stand firmly behind our ‘No Minimum Order’ policy. 

Custom Poly Bags for Food Packaging

If you own or help manage a business in the food industry, you know how important it is to stand out against your competitors…and customized packaging is a simple, yet effective way to set your brand apart. At A-Pac Manufacturing, we specialize in custom poly bag solutions with rapid lead times with no minimum order requirements. Contact our team to learn more about how we can help you with your custom food packaging needs.

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What Are Sideweld Poly Bags?

What Are Sideweld Poly Bags?

When looking for packaging solutions for your products, could sideweld poly bags be the right fit for your business? 

Sideweld poly bags are rigorously tested to make sure that the seam is as strong as the base material. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and thicknesses that can be customized to your unique application. These bags are a common choice for packaging frozen food, ice, plastic parts with sharp edges, and more. 

Let’s discuss the qualities of sideweld poly bags, what they’re used for, and their specifications. 

How Sideweld Poly Bags Are Made

Sideweld poly bags are made using a centerfolded film that is welded and cut, producing seals on the side of the bag. The bags are then tested to ensure that the seal is at least as strong as the base material. This makes sure the bags will not tear along the seal and are resistant to scratches, moisture, and rust. 

What Are Sideweld Bags Used For? 

Sideweld bags are manufactured from a variety of different materials, making them a versatile solution for a variety of applications. They are most commonly used for bread, meat/poultry, box liners, food bags, and parts bags.

The parts bags can be utilized by a wide range of industries, storing medical, plastic, metal, and industrial parts. The durability of sideweld bags makes them a great choice when scratch-protection, UV ray protection, and rust protection is required. They’re also a moisture-resistant option for powders, granules, frozen foods, and ice. 

Unique Features of Sideweld Bags

What makes sideweld poly bags unique is the strength of their seal. Tested using the highest quality standards to ensure they do not split, the seal is at least as strong as the base material. These bags keep items like frozen food, ice, and metal parts safe in their packaging. Whereas the seam of other packaging materials is typically a weak point, sideweld bags maintain their strength at the seam. Along with UV protection, moisture resistance, and scratch protection, they’re a secure solution that services a variety of applications across many industries. 

Sizes and Specifications of Sideweld Poly Bags

Sideweld poly bags can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes to fit your application. The smallest size is 2” x 3”, ranging up to the largest size of 52” x 52”. Available thicknesses include .75-4mil. If you’re not sure which size bag you need, check out our guide on how to measure poly bags

If you’re looking for poly bags in a specific color that matches your branding, we can help. Available colors include any shade of white, black, red, yellow, green, blue, and more. 

Sideweld poly bags can be manufactured from a variety of different materials, including:

  • low-density polyethylene (LDPE)
  • high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE)
  • metallocene
  • vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI)
  • ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)
  • ultraviolet inhibitor (UVI)

The various materials used to manufacture these bags are each targeted toward particular applications like food, medical, industrial, metal, and more. These materials are approved by the Food & Drug Administration, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the Food Safety System Certification 22000. 

At A-Pac Manufacturing, we can manufacture any size poly bag. If you need a custom size, contact us for a free customized quote

Are Sideweld Bags the Right Fit for Your Business? 

Sideweld bags are a great solution for frozen food, medical, and industrial applications. The seams are at least as strong as the base material, they are available in a wide range of colors, and the size can be customized to fit your application. 

If you think sideweld poly bags may be a good fit for your application, A-Pac Manufacturing can help. We’re able to give you the size and quantity of bags you need, within the timeline you need them. GIve us a call or contact us online to learn more.


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