We always strive to be responsive to our customers’ due date needs. That’s part of who we are and who we will continue to be. Over the past several weeks it has seemed that production scheduling has been somewhat more of a challenge. In many cases this is due to receiving short notice on orders of custom bags. This typically isn’t an issue for us as a custom bag manufacturer—we expect and plan for such situations—but it does seem like there has been a rise in very short notice orders lately.

At latest look, we are still at over 99% on meeting due dates, but our goal is always 100%. Keeping it at a high level is important to us and our customers, but it can be extra challenging when there is less and less wiggle room in the schedules as there is right now. In order to help us serve you better, anything you can do to monitor your needs and give as much lead time as you can would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions about this update or anything else at all, please let us know. Thank you for your continued business, and we look forward to serving you.