Exploring the Latest Packaging Trends, Innovations, and Technologies

Exploring the Latest Packaging Trends, Innovations, and Technologies

In the world of packaging, innovation is key. As the market evolves and consumer preferences shift, it becomes increasingly crucial for businesses to remain abreast of the latest packaging trends.

This blog explores the cutting-edge developments shaping the packaging landscape in 2024. At A-Pac Manufacturing, we do our best to stay at the forefront of these advancements, ensuring our customers receive best-in-class packaging solutions tailored to their unique requirements.

5 Packaging Trends in 2024

Discover the future of poly bags with the latest packaging trends, innovations, and technologies. 

1. Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Sustainability is becoming more present in the packaging industry, with consumers and businesses prioritizing eco-friendly solutions. Biodegradable and compostable poly bags lead the charge, offering a viable alternative to traditional plastic packaging. 

Here at A-Pac Manufacturing, we recognize the urgency of this shift toward sustainability. Prioritizing our more sustainable poly bags is our next step in offering you more of the environmentally friendly solutions you’re looking for. Our clients can order the same, reliable, versatile custom poly bags with up to 20% plant-based material. Using NuPlastiQ® technology, we can deliver the plastic bags you trust to package your products and display your brand, but better — for your company and the planet.

2. Smart Packaging Technologies

In today’s increasingly digital era, smart packaging technologies revolutionize traditional packaging functionalities. Among these advancements are RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags. They’re a game-changer in inventory management and tracking. By embedding RFID tags within your packaging, businesses can enable seamless inventory monitoring throughout the supply chain, optimizing logistics and streamlining operations. Beyond mere inventory management, smart packaging solutions also offer interactive capabilities that enhance customer engagement, such as QR code technologies. 

If you think your business would benefit from this technology, it’s definitely worth looking into! These packaging solutions are offered from various other manufacturers that you can pair with our products here at A-Pac Manufacturing. 

3. Enhanced Protection and Preservation

At A-Pac, we’re committed to safeguarding the integrity of your goods from production to consumption. By incorporating cutting-edge additives into our packaging solutions, such as VCI (rust inhibitor), UVI (ultraviolet protection), and EVA (increased strength), we can create barriers against oxygen, moisture, and other external factors that can compromise product freshness and quality. 

These additives provide additional layers of protection, ensuring that your products maintain their integrity and appeal. They also help reduce waste and enhance customer satisfaction. Whether it’s protecting against rust, UV rays, or increasing the strength of the packaging, our innovative solutions can be tailored to meet your specific needs and exceed expectations.

enhanced protection and preservation

4. Flexible Packaging Solutions

In 2024, flexible packaging continues to gain momentum as businesses and consumers recognize its numerous advantages over rigid alternatives. Poly bags have emerged as versatile and flexible packaging solutions catering to various industries. Their inherent flexibility allows for easy storage, transportation, and handling.

Here are some of the most popular poly bag options that we provide at A-Pac Manufacturing:

  • Slip vs. No-Slip Bags: Slip bags are easy to open and prevent the sides of the bag from sticking together. 
  • Anti-Block: This feature roughs up the poly bag surface.  A good use case would be for products that are stacked, anit-block is used so your products don’t slip off the palate when stacked. 
  • Anti-Static: This feature protects against static.  For example, it is used for computer components or technology where static would cause damage.

The advantages of poly bags extend beyond their flexibility – they also provide excellent protection against moisture, dust, and contaminants, ensuring product integrity throughout the supply chain. Poly bags offer a reliable and cost-effective solution, whether for packaging food items, clothing, or industrial products.

In response to the escalating demand for flexible packaging, our poly bags come in various sizes and thicknesses and offer a variety of additive and customizable printing options. 

flexible packaging solutions

5. Personalization and Branding

In today’s competitive marketplace, establishing a distinctive brand identity is essential for capturing consumer attention and fostering brand loyalty. Packaging is pivotal in this process, serving as a tangible representation of your brand’s values and personality. At A-Pac, we understand the importance of unique branding and customization in packaging, and we love helping businesses leave a lasting impression on their customers.

Whether through vibrant colors, graphics, or creative messaging, custom-printed poly bags allow businesses to communicate their brand story. We offer a wide range of printing options, including logo placement, product information, and promotional messages all you need to do is send us what you want printed, and we handle the rest.

Upgrade Your Packaging: Trust A-Pac Manufacturing for Cutting-Edge Poly Bags

As the packaging trends continue to evolve, A-Pac Manufacturing remains steadfast in our commitment to innovation and excellence. Our dedication to staying at the forefront of industry advancements ensures that we provide our clients with cutting-edge packaging solutions that meet their evolving needs and exceed their expectations.

For businesses seeking the best poly bags in the industry, contact us today

Best Bakery Bags for Your Business

Best Bakery Bags for Your Business

When running a successful bakery, ensuring the quality and presentation of your products is of the utmost importance. Of course, the taste, texture, and appearance of your baked goods are paramount, but you shouldn’t overlook the importance of selecting the proper packaging. 

Bakery bags protect your delicious goods during transport and provide an excellent branding opportunity to make your products stand out from the competition. There are many poly bags to choose from, and each type offers unique characteristics to meet your business needs. 

What Food-Safe Certifications Do Your Bakery Bags Need?

When choosing bakery bags for your business, ensuring they meet the required food safety standards is essential. Various national and international food safety certifications are used to make sure that materials used in food packaging are free of harmful chemicals, toxins, and contaminants that could compromise the safety and quality of your baked goods. Opting for food-safe certified bags protects the quality of your goods and demonstrates your commitment to the well-being of your customers. 

The most common food safety certifications include: 

  • FSSC 22000
  • ISO 22000 FSMS
  • SQF
  • AIB
  • USDA 
  • FDA

What Are the Best Bags for Packaging Baked Goods?

Whether your bakery needs to package bread, cakes, or pastries, there are several plastic bag options to choose from. Two of the most commonly requested bakery bags include wicketed poly and gusseted poly. 

Wicketed Poly Bags

One of the best features of wicketed poly bags is that they allow easy and efficient packaging. They’re typically used in high-speed packaging lines because their unique design ensures that the bags remain organized and accessible to streamline the packaging process. Wicketed poly bags are also an excellent option for baked goods because they offer high clarity, allowing customers to appreciate your tasty baked goods. 

Wicketed poly bags are often used for packaging baked goods like:

  • Bread loaves
  • Rolls
  • Pastries

Gusseted Poly Bags

The unique design of gusseted poly bags offers the incredible versatility necessary for packaging larger baked goods. These poly bags feature gusseted sides that expand to create more space and accommodate bulky or irregularly-shaped goods. Gusseted poly bags also make great bakery bags because their high clarity lets customers easily see what’s inside them. 

Gusseted poly bags are commonly used for packaging baked goods like:

  • Cakes 
  • Pies
  • Cookies
  • Baguettes 

How Custom Bakery Bags Can Make Your Goods Stand Out

Whether you’re striving to boost brand visibility or need a versatile solution for packaging unconventionally shaped goods, customized bakery bags are an excellent solution that can help you achieve your business goals. From size and shape to design and branding elements, bakery bags can be personalized in many ways,  allowing you to create the ideal combination for your bakery. 


Custom bags provide an ideal canvas for showcasing your bakery. Take advantage of the printing options available to display your logo or business name directly on the bags. This personalized touch enhances brand recognition and leaves a lasting impression on your customers. 

Custom Sizing 

Baked goods come in various shapes and sizes; your packaging should reflect that. Custom bags offer the flexibility to create the perfect fit for your products. Choose from various sizes, closures, and materials to tailor the bags specifically to your bakery’s needs. 

Where Can You Get Top-Quality, Custom Bakery Bags for Your Business? 

Bakery bags provide a simple and effective solution for packaging your baked goods. A-Pac Manufacturing offers an extensive array of customizable, high-quality plastic bags. So, whether you’re searching for wicketed poly bags, gusseted poly bags, or a different type of bag, we can manufacture it for you.

Whether you need food-safe bags for your bakery, restaurant, or catering service, A-Pac Manufacturing is here to support your packing needs. Our rapid lead times and no minimum order quantities make us the ideal partner for your food packaging needs. 

Contact our team to request a quote and learn how we can help you with your customer bakery bag needs! 

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Invest in the Best Sustainable Packaging For Your Small Business

Invest in the Best Sustainable Packaging For Your Small Business

Globally, businesses of all sizes are moving towards implementing sustainable plastics in their product packaging because it’s a win-win for businesses and the environment. From protecting the planet to satisfying consumer demands, environmentally friendly plastics are changing the product packaging industry. Fortunately, there are many ways to achieve sustainable packaging for small businesses, and making the switch is simple. 

Why Is Sustainability Important in Your Packaging?

As the demand for using plastics for packaging purposes increases, so does the need to move toward more sustainable alternatives. Embracing sustainability is key to preserving the future of our planet, and it can have significant benefits for the earth and your business. 

These are a few of the significant benefits of using sustainable packaging for your small business: 

  • Reduced demand for natural resources | Plant-based alternatives help prevent the depletion of other natural resources like petroleum. 
  • Increased sales and improved brand image | As consumers search for brands committed to protecting the environment, sustainably packaged products will become more appealing. 
  • Reduced waste | Using recyclable and biodegradable products limits the amount of waste in landfills and helps maintain a clean and healthy planet for everyone. 
  • Resistant plastics for various applications | One of the best qualities of sustainable product packaging is that manufacturers can still count on the reliability offered by traditional plastics. 

If your goal is to reduce your environmental impact and improve your bottom line, then using sustainable packaging is a step in the right direction. 

Three Tips to Make Your Packaging Eco-Friendly

Changing your product packaging may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Transitioning to eco-friendly packaging is simple, and you could significantly reduce your business’s carbon footprint with just a few changes. 

Here are three tips to help you implement sustainable packaging for your small business: 

Use Eco-Friendly Plastics

Switching your product packaging from traditional plastic to a plant-based polymer is a great way to make it environmentally friendly. Often, all you need to do is speak with one of our team members to request the use of our more sustainable poly bag for your next shipment. 

Reduce Packaging Size

Much of the unnecessary plastic in landfills results from oversized packaging. To avoid creating excessive plastic waste, it’s important to take careful measurements that can help you determine what size poly bag is best for your product

Bulk Shipping

Although often overlooked, shipping can have a significant environmental impact. Consider the frequency and size of your packaging orders. If you are receiving many small orders, shipping your packaging in bulk may be more environmentally sound because fewer shipments mean decreased carbon emissions. 

What Sustainable Packaging For Small Businesses Is Available at A-Pac Manufacturing? 

Our favorite eco-friendly bags are poly bags made with plant-based additives. A-Pac Manufacturing now offers a more sustainable poly bag manufactured with renewable resources and features many valuable qualities. Plant-based poly-bags are versatile, durable, recyclable, biodegradable, and affordable. Whether your small business needs specific dimensions, colors, or durability, the versatility you’ll get from this eco-friendly alternative is unmatched. 

A-Pac Offers The Best Eco-Friendly Packaging for Your Small Businesses

A-Pac offers fantastic plastic alternatives that can fulfill your packaging needs without compromising quality or versatility. Our manufacturing process ensures that our more sustainable poly bags are available in various dimensions, colors, and strengths. In addition to our many customization options, A-Pac offers quick production, fast shipping, and no order minimums, so your switch to sustainable packaging solutions can be quick and easy. 

If your small business is ready to invest in the best sustainable packing in the industry, A-Pac Manufacturing has just what you need. Contact our team to request a quote and place your order today! 

What Are the Best Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Bags?

What Are the Best Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Bags?

Over time plastic bags have become indispensable to modern-day industries. They’re used for packaging most consumer goods and carrying groceries and trash. However, due to plastic’s widespread use and lengthy decomposition process, there is a growing interest in more sustainable alternatives. 

In recent years, the development of plant-based polymer plastics has made great strides toward becoming the go-to material for eco-friendly food packaging bags, industrial plastic films, and more.

Why Should You Choose Plastic’s More Sustainable Alternative?

Using more sustainable poly bags is better for the planet. It’s really that simple. And somehow, the benefits do not stop there. Due to their unique properties, plant-based poly bags are more likely to biodegrade than traditional plastics. They boast the same outstanding durability and versatility needed to withstand widespread use. 

Together, these benefits are drastically changing the industry by providing manufacturers with an affordable and sustainable way to meet growing consumer demands while reducing the industry’s reliance on non-renewable fossil fuels.

Additional notable benefits of using more sustainable plant-based poly bags are: 

  • Lightweight and slim packaging materials
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Compostable and recyclable products
  • Reusable bags 

How Plant-Based Polymer Makes the Most Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Bags 

Along with its vast array of benefits, the technology used to develop greener poly bags is revolutionizing how we make plastics. The eco-friendly alternatives use NuPlastiQ technology to incorporate up to 20% plant-based material in the final product. Rather than relying on non-renewable resources, plant-based poly uses agricultural resources like potatoes, corn, and cassava to create a one-of-a-kind biopolymer.

Once developed, these unique biopolymers can be used to manufacture sustainable alternatives for nearly any kind of plastic. In recent years, plant-based poly bags have become the most-eco friendly food packaging bags, and in some cases, they have begun replacing traditional plastic bags altogether.

Common Applications for Eco-Friendly Packaging: 

As its popularity increases, global industries will find various new uses for plant-based plastics. However, for now, one of its most common applications is as a blown film. 

Blown Film

Manufacturing blown film products requires a detailed process that often ends in creating plastic bags and films used for agricultural and industrial packaging. Using plant-based plastics is becoming more common, as consumers and manufacturers are drawn to the material’s low toxicity and food-safe qualities, making them an excellent option for applications ranging from food to pharmaceuticals. 

Go Green With A-Pac’s More Sustainable Poly Bags

The demand for more eco-friendly packaging is here, and it’s time to answer it. A-Pac can help your business transition to using more sustainable poly bags for your products without compromising quality, durability, or safety. We even extend many of our usual options to our plant-based poly products. 

So, whether you need a branded bag, a custom size, or an eye-catching color, we manufacture it with no minimum order requirements. Ready to begin using eco-friendly packaging solutions? Contact our team or request a quote to get started! 

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Why Is Polyethylene Used for Food Packaging?

Why Is Polyethylene Used for Food Packaging?

If you’ve ever wondered why polyethylene is used for food packing, the short answer is that it offers many unique properties that make it easy and safe to use on edible goods. Polyethylene packaging can also be produced in mass quantities and various forms, making it the go-to solution for most food packing needs. 

What Is Polyethylene Packaging? 

Since its discovery in the early 1930s, polyethylene has become the most widely used plastic in the world. Polyethylene comes in various forms, ranging from strong, durable plastics to soft, flexible materials. It’s commonly used in the development of many types of goods, including toys, furniture, pipes, cables, bottles, bags, and tubing. 

Benefits of Using Polyethylene for Food Packaging

As one of the most commonly used plastics for food packaging, polyethylene offers many advantages that can affect durability, safety, and shipping costs, among other factors. 

Some of the most notable benefits of using polyethylene packaging for food include the following: 

  • Non-toxic | Polyethylene is a food-safe material that does not react with food products or leach harmful chemicals into foods.
  • Versatile | Polyethylene is easily customizable and easily made into various shapes and sizes, making a suitable packing material for a wide range of food products. 
  • Cost-effective | Affordable and easy to produce, which aids in keeping production costs low. 
  • Lightweight | Easy to transport and ideal for shipping food products without significantly affecting weight limits. 
  • Durable | It’s a strong material that can resist the rigors of shipping and handling.  
  • Enhanced protection | Polyethylene is an excellent barrier to oxygen and water vapor, which can help extend the shelf life of many food products. 

What Types of Polyethylene Packaging Does A-Pac Offer? 

There are many classifications of polyethylene, but the types most often used in the production of clear, flexible packaging are low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). Due to their pliability, versatility, and durability, both LDPE and LLDPE are ideal for producing bags, films, and sheets used in the packaging of consumer goods. 

Most notably A-Pac uses LDPE and LLDPE to produce plastic packaging materials that include: 

  • Flat poly bags
  • Wicketed poly bags
  • Gusseted poly bags
  • Poly bags on rolls
  • Sideweld Poly Bags
  • Bottom-seal poly bags
  • Staple-pack poly bags
  • Custom-printed poly bags 

Common Applications of LDPE and LLDPE

Polyethylene Tubing and Packaging Bags 

The versatility of LDPE products, like polyethylene tubing and bags, makes them ideal for wrapping consumer goods. The thickness of poly tubing and bags typically ranges anywhere from .75 to 6 mil. 

Most packaging on the thinner side can be used for delicate goods like fruits and vegetables, while thicker packaging is best suited for sharp or abrasive objects like nails and screws. Additionally, polyethylene tubing can be cut and sealed at any length allowing it to fit an even more comprehensive range of products. 

Stretch Film

Most extruded packaging films are made with LLDPE. A high stretch rate, low shrinkage temperature, and clarity make LLDPE the ideal type of polyethylene packaging for bundling items like canned goods and water bottles. 

For Unlimited Polyethylene Packaging Solutions, Choose A-Pac

The best advantage of polyethylene packaging is its customizability. Whether it’s size, color, thickness, or branding, A-Pac can manufacture unlimited combinations. We understand that your business has unique needs, and we strive to meet them with every order. That’s why we’ve paired customizable products with no minimum order requirements. 

Whether you need polyethylene packaging for perishable goods or industrial packaging, we can make it. To learn more about our range of products, get in touch with our team or request a quote to get started.

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What Are the Best Poultry Bags for Food Storage?

What Are the Best Poultry Bags for Food Storage?

Whether you’re selling chicken, turkey, or quail, storing poultry properly is essential to maintain its freshness and prevent spoilage. Poultry bags are a type of food storage bag that can help you keep your chicken, turkey, or other poultry products fresh for longer. But what are the best poultry bags for food storage? Let’s explore some of the options and features you should consider.

How To Find the Best Bags for Poultry Storage

When choosing the best bags for poultry storage, you need to consider vital factors, including the following:


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing poultry bags is the material they are made of. Ideally, you want to choose bags that are food-grade and safe for storing poultry. Polyethylene (PE) is a common material used for poultry bags because it is durable, resistant to tears and punctures, and easy to seal. Look for bags that are BPA-free and meet FDA requirements for food contact.

Quality and Durability

Poultry bags should be able to withstand the weight and moisture of the meat without tearing or leaking. You don’t want to risk contamination or freezer burn due to a low-quality bag. Look for bags that have a high gauge (thickness) and are designed for heavy-duty use. A-Pac Manufacturing offers a variety of poultry bags that are designed for long-term storage and transportation, such as the Heavy Duty Poly Poultry Bags and the Tamper-Evident Gusseted Poultry Bags.


If you are selling poultry products or transporting them for commercial purposes, you may want to consider customized poultry bags. Customized bags can be printed with your company logo, product information, and other branding elements. This can help you stand out from the competition and build brand recognition.

Styles Types of Poultry Bags

There are several types of poultry bags available, each with their own features and benefits. One popular option is sideweld poly bags, which have a strong, durable side seal that runs the length of the bag. These bags are ideal for packaging whole birds, parts, or ground poultry products.

Flat poly bags are another option for poultry storage. These bags are flat and have no gussets or folds, making them perfect for portion control and separating individual cuts of poultry. They can be sealed with a twist tie, heat sealer, or clip.

Gusseted poly bags are similar to sideweld poly bags, but they have side gussets that expand to provide extra space and allow the bag to stand up on its own. These bags are ideal for packaging larger cuts of poultry or whole birds. They are made with sturdy polyethylene that resists tearing and punctures.

Poly bags on rolls are a convenient option for high-volume packaging. These bags come on a roll and are perforated for easy tearing. Staple-pack poly bags are pre-folded and stapled for easy dispensing. They are commonly used in butcher shops and meat counters. Finally, bottom-seal poly bags have a strong, sealed bottom that provides extra support for heavier poultry products. They are ideal for packaging bone-in cuts or whole birds.

Contact A-Pac Manufacturing for All Your Poultry Storage Bag Needs

Choosing the right poultry bags for food storage is important for maintaining the quality and freshness of your poultry products. Consider the material, quality, durability, customization, and type of bags when making your decision. A-Pac Manufacturing offers a wide selection of poultry bags that are designed to meet the needs of both home cooks and commercial businesses.

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