One question we receive frequently has to do with how explosions or fires at resin manufacturers affect our supply or pricing.

The answer is they usually don’t.

We buy our resin supply well in advance of when we’ll actually need it, which means we’re always one step ahead of any hypothetical disruptions that might occur. This doesn’t mean we’ll never encounter a situation where we’ll need to replenish our supply at the exact same time a supplier experiences a disruptive event, but it gives us a nice buffer to ride it out or make other plans in case something unforeseen happens.

Having said that, what would happen if we did need to replenish our supply at the same time one of our suppliers had an on-site explosion? We buy our resin from multiple resin manufacturers—manufacturers we’ve chosen carefully and have spent years cultivating trusted relationships with—so if an issue arises with one in particular, we can usually count on our other suppliers to work with us to make sure we get the resin we need to fulfill our customers’ orders on time and without interruption.

As you can see, planning ahead, both by ordering in advance as well as creating trust-based relationships with the best suppliers around, is essential to making sure our customers receive their orders when they need them. We believe that’s the type of business model that sets us apart from our competition.