How to Measure Your Box Liner Size: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

When shipping products, it’s crucial that you do your best to protect them on their journey. Why not invest in box liners? Box liners are lightweight, flexible, protective liners in boxes that protect their contents from dust, dirt, and moisture. 

Are you interested in investing in box liners but unsure what size you need? We’re here to help! Follow our instructions, determine your ideal box liner size, and ship your items with peace of mind. 

How to Measure for a Box Liner

No matter what container or box size you’re working with, plastic liners will keep your products safe during transportation, storage, and processing. A-Pac manufactures custom-sized box liners in a variety of materials and thicknesses to suit your exact specifications.

If you’re wondering how to measure a box liner, follow the steps below. 

1. Determine the Length and Width of Your Liner

Length and width of liner = (length of box + 2) x (width of box + 2)

    • Example: The length of your box is 50 inches, and the width of your box is 42 inches. 
      • Length and width of liner = (50 + 2) x (42 + 2)
      • Length and width of liner = (52) x (44)
  • The length of your liner will be 52
  • The width of your liner will be 44

2. Determine the Height of Your Liner

Height of liner = height of box + width of box + 6

    • Example: The height of your box is 40 inches and the width of your box is 42 inches. 
      • Height of liner = 40 + 42 + 6
  • The height of your liner will be 88

Note: The 6 comes from 6 inches of extra space you should give yourself for the tie-off section.

3. Finalize the Dimensions of Your Liner

The dimensions of your liner include: length x width x height

  • According to the example above, your liner dimensions are: 52 inches x 44 inches x 88 inches

Measure More Packaging Materials

No matter what products you’re packaging, it’s always in your best interest to choose the right box liner, container, and bag size for your product. For example, the correct size poly bag will fit your products exactly, ensuring you’re not paying for more material than you need.

Do you need to measure for more packaging materials? Use our helpful guide to determine your dimensions so you can submit an accurate quote and receive the correct bags.

Invest in the Best Box Liners on the Market

If you want to keep your business running seamlessly, box liners are essential to keep your products safe during transportation. A-Pac Manufacturing Company is proud to create top-notch liners in various materials, thicknesses, and colors to fit your exact specifications and match your brand. 

Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE):

  • Tough, flexible, good clarity, moisture resistant
  • Applications: Food, medical, and industrial packaging.

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE):

  • Lightweight, strong, less clarity, non-abrasive
  • Applications: Metal or plastic parts (scratch protection is important in these cases)

Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE):

  • Durable, high-strength, impact and puncture resistant, less clarity
  • Applications: Food, medical, and industrial packaging


Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI):

  • Moisture resistant, rust-free protection, low density
  • Applications: Metal parts

Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA):

  • Elastic, tacky, tough, puncture-resistant, better seals.
  • Applications: Frozen foods, ice, granules, powders, and batch-inclusion or low-melt processes

Ultra Violet Inhibitor (UVI):

  • UV ray protection
  • Applications: Protects susceptible products from degradation or discoloration from the sun’s rays

Note: All these liners are available in any shade of red, yellow, green, blue, white, black, and more!

Order Your Box Liners Today

After you’ve determined the perfect measurements for your box liner size, give the A-Pac Manufacturing team a call. Whether your size is standard or custom, we have the capability to deliver at no minimum order requirement and in 2-3 week lead times. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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