If you’re looking for practical packaging solutions, wicketed bags could be the right option for your business. They offer convenience and strength for food, medical, and industrial packaging, among others. So, whether you need to package bread or metal parts, wicketed bags are a fantastic option for your business needs. 

What Are Wicketed Bags? 

The unique features of wicketed bags have made them a packaging method that can fulfill various needs. Wicketed bags are defined by the metal wire, known as a wicket, that holds them together and eases the packaging process. The wicket is inserted into small holes at the top of each bag, and the bags are laid over each other. This setup allows each bag to be dispensed individually and efficiently. 

Additionally, these high-clarity plastic bags are also known for their strength. Of course, with plastic bags, increased strength also means increased weight capacity and durability. The practicality and effectiveness of these bags make them an excellent option for any application. 

How Your Business Should Use Wicketed Bags 

Due to the versatility of wicketed bags, they can serve businesses in various forms. Industries like food, manufacturing, and retail often rely on these bags for two main uses, packaging and advertising. 


Due to the versatility and durability of wicketed bags, they are used to package many goods. Some of the most common applications for wicketed bags include: 

  • Produce bags
  • Food packaging
  • Bakery bags
  • Bread bags
  • Product bags
  • Small parts bags 
  • Hardware bags 


Although plastic bags are seemingly mundane objects, they carry significant advertising power. Wicketed bags are easily customized to promote any product or brand. Therefore, every plastic bag your business uses is an opportunity for advertising that you should utilize to increase your customer base and grow your business. 

Benefits of Custom Wicketed Bags 

Wicketed bags are an excellent option for packaging, and they offer many benefits that can significantly improve your production processes. These are some of the most notable benefits of wicketed bags

  • Ease of use | Wicketed poly bags are easy to dispense, open, and close, making packing quick and simple. 
  • Food freshness | The durable, food-safe material used in producing wicketed bags makes them ideal for keeping debris, moisture, and pests away from edible goods. 
  • Durability | Whether you’re packaging sharp, heavy, or fragile objects, the durability of these bags ensures the utmost protection. 
  • Lightweight | Excellent for shipping goods without affecting weight limits. 
  • Reduced production costs | Easy packing boosts productivity and reduces production costs.  
  • High customizability | Offered in various sizes, thicknesses, colors, and materials. 

How to Customize Wicketed Bags 

Whether you need to package uniquely-shaped objects or drive brand awareness, custom wicketed bags can help achieve your business goals. These bags can be customized in many ways, making endless combinations. 


Wicketed bags can be manufactured in various sizes, accommodating an enormous array of products. A-Pac Manufacturing offers wicketed bags in the following sizes: 

  • Small: 4 x 8 inches to 9 x 12 inches
  • Medium: 12 x 14 inches to 14 x 16 inches
  • Large: up to 25 x 37 inches 


  • LDPE – tough, flexible, and moisture resistant
  • HDPE – lightweight, strong, and non-abrasive
  • LLDPE – durable, puncture resistant, and low clarity
  • Metallocene – thin and strong
  • VCI – low density, rust protection, and moisture resistant
  • EVA – elastic, tacky, and sealable
  • UVI – UV ray protection 

Available Colors

Any shade of the following hues: 

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • White
  • Black


With the help of our powerful printing capabilities, you can customize wicketed bags for your business even further. Add logos or descriptors to make the bags functional and unique while strengthening your brand. 

Customize Wicketed Bags for Any Application With A-Pac

The advantages offered by wicketed bags are many. That’s why so many industries rely on A-Pac Manufacturing to develop high-quality wicketed bags. The best part? We offer two essential perks – customization and no minimum order requirements. So, no matter the specifications of your bags, we can make them. 

Ready to place an order? Contact our team to request a quote and get started. 

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