Author, entrepreneur, and marketing legend Seth Godin recently posted a thought-provoking piece called The Unfair Advantage. It’s short, so there’s no point in summarizing. Here it is in its entirety:

Here’s a sign I’ve never seen hanging in a corporate office, a mechanic’s garage or a politician’s headquarters:

We care more.

It’s easy to promise and difficult to do. But if you did it, it would work. More than any other skill or attitude, this is what keeps me (and people like me) coming back.

When I read this, I was immediately struck by how relevant it is to our perspective at A-Pac Manufacturing. Our quality policy is “to provide the best bag- or film-buying experience available in our product niches.” We take that to mean not only using the best raw materials to make the best quality poly bags we can, but also providing an exceptional experience for our customers throughout the buying process. Maybe we haven’t explicitly said it, but we truly do believe we care more than the competition. We hope we have proved that to you with friendly interactions, quick response times, and always going over and above what you expect from your poly bag supplier.

Our commitment to providing the best bag-buying experience is a comprehensive one—that is, one that not only includes the end product but how you’re treated along the way. We believe we care more, and we believe that gives us an unfair advantage. We hope you agree.