Although there are many ways to package products in 2021, poly bag packaging is still one of the most popular — and for good reason: it’s great for branding, weather proof and durable, and can be used for almost any product you can imagine. Poly bag packaging is a cheaper, faster way to package your product effectively. Let’s talk about 5 of the many benefits of poly bag packaging.

#1 Poly Bag Packaging is a Cost Effective Solution

Poly bag packaging is one of the most cost effective packaging options on the market today. Compared to other materials, plastic is significantly cheaper. For example, cloth or paper cost about 20 times more than plastic to produce. If you have a lot of products to package, poly bag packaging will win every time in a cost comparison. If you’re interested in cutting costs, your company can save money on poly bags by working with the right poly bag supplier.

#2 Poly Bag Packaging Has a Short Production Time

Another advantage of using poly bag packaging for your products is the incredibly quick production process. Poly bags are made from poly sheeting, which is stretched, cut, and sealed to the size, shape, and design of your custom poly bags in a quick, streamlined process. The average production time for custom poly bags is about 4 weeks, but some poly bag packaging suppliers can fill custom orders in as little as 2-3 weeks. 

Most of the production time comes from planning and design to make sure the bags are produced to your specifications. The actual manufacturing process for poly back packaging is very efficient, meaning you get your finished products that much faster.

#3 Poly Bag Packaging is Strong

Poly bags make great packaging material because they can be developed to different strengths. Different types of poly bags are prized for their strength properties — particularly HDPE and MDPE, which are ideal for packaging sharp-edged or bulky products. When ordering your custom poly bags, you can specify the mil strength of your bags, which will determine the thickness of the material. Generally, the thicker the bag, the stronger it is, and more resistant to punctures or tears. 

#4 Poly Bag Packaging is Durable

The biggest reason to choose poly bag packaging for your products is because of its durability. Few packaging materials offer the resistance to moisture of poly bags — especially paper and plastic competitors. For many products, having a protective barrier against moisture is essential. Products like food items or electronic components could be easily compromised without this defense, and are best protected by poly bag packaging.

#5 Poly Bag Packaging Has Versatile Uses

Poly bag packaging is especially suited for customization. It can support custom branding for your company’s logo and colors, and can easily be designed to display whatever image or statement your company chooses. When ordering custom poly bags, your poly bag supplier will print a proof of the bag before it goes to production to make sure the design and feel of the bag is exactly what you want. The proof ensures that every poly bag will look uniform when it is produced en masse. 

Poly bags can also have customized sealing and handle options, or can contain special additives for appearance, clarity, or texture, depending on your company’s needs. It’s truly the most versatile material for packaging because it can be uniquely suited to your company and your product.

If you’re looking for a highly customizable, strong, durable, and versatile way to contain and ship your products, poly bag packaging is the most reliable, cost effective solution. You can order custom poly bags to look, feel, and perform exactly the way you want, and have them ordered, shipped, and ready to use in just a few weeks’ time.

New to packaging? Poly bags are a great packaging option for any product. Feel free to give the A-Pac team a call or contact us online for more information and pricing.

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