Are you preparing to order custom poly bags and aren’t sure what lead time to expect? Or, did you receive a quote and were surprised by the length of the poly bag production time? The average poly bag production time is about 4 weeks, but this can depend on the complexity of your order, how much custom branding you need, and how many bags you’re ordering. In fact, there’s a lot that goes into ordering custom poly bags you may not know. 

In this post, we’ll discuss what goes into making custom poly bags to help you understand how much time to expect from production, manufacturing, and shipping. This way, you can prepare for your order and know when to submit it in order to get your poly bags on time.

Average Poly Bag Production Time

The total poly bag production time takes an average of 4 weeks, but it depends greatly on your specific order. If you already have a printed design and an approved proof with the supplier, you will likely not have to wait four weeks. But if you’re printing a new order, with a lot of special features, a nonstandard style, or branding, the order may take longer. The more complicated the design and printing, the longer lead time you should expect. 

Poly bag suppliers typically develop and send a proof of the bag before printing, to make sure the design meets your exact specifications. This can take up to a week to develop, especially if the design is complex. The poly bag production time starts once the proof is accepted.

Your custom poly bags supplier may be able to work with you on a quicker production schedule if you need your bags ready sooner. Some suppliers offer rush service for jobs with a quick turnaround, but there may be an extra associated cost.

What Goes into Making Custom Poly Bags

Production process to make poly bags is relatively simple. The longest part of poly bag production time is in the design while producing and shipping the bags can happen fairly quickly. For this reason, the number of bags you order doesn’t greatly impact the poly bag production time, as long as they are the same design and style.

Custom Poly Bags Design

Production of the poly bags can’t begin until the design of the bag is complete. Your custom poly bag supplier will develop a proof of the bag, considering all of the details you need it to include: size, style, color, branding, etc. Then, the proof must be sent to the client for acceptance. Developing the proof and waiting for approval can take up to a week or more. It may seem like a long time, but this stage of the process is the most crucial, as the supplier wants to make sure they have the design of the bag exactly right before production begins.

Making Poly Film

With the specifications of the bag design clearly laid out, the film is ready to be produced. Film will be manufactured to the desired gauge (mil strength) and color according to the proof, including any other additives — i.e. for bag clarity, food grade capability, etc.

Poly film is most commonly produced through a process called extrusion molding. In this process, the polyethylene is melted from pellets, then pushed through a die to form a bubble which facilitates the cooling of the film to the required thickness. 

From Film to Custom Poly Bags

Once cooled, the film is then rolled onto a spindle for easy dispensing. The film can be easily unwrapped, cut, and sealed to form the bags. Handles can be cut into the bags during this stage, and any special sealing options can also be added.

Branding Custom Poly Bags

The next step is what makes the bags unique to you, which is adding your custom branding. Your poly bag supplier will work with you to choose colors that will be well represented on the poly bag and create a striking and attractive design. The total poly bag production time can occur quickly, as the process is simple and the bags cool quickly. Once the branding is complete, the bags are complete and ready to be sent off to the client. 

Shipping Custom Poly Bags

The last step is to prepare the bags to ship by your preferred method, Shipping time depends on the distance to the destination and the size of the order, but generally takes about 5-7 business days, unless otherwise indicated in the order.

To make sure your custom poly bags arrive when you need them, be sure to plan plenty of lead time before the shipping date — at least four weeks. This means, if you need the bags complete by January 1st, make sure to order them before December 1st — or earlier, if your bag design is more complex. Your poly bag supplier will be able to give you a clearer estimate of your poly bag production time once they receive your design and the proof is accepted.

Looking for poly bags on a tight schedule? A-Pac offers custom poly bags at no minimum order, and in as little as 2-3 weeks. Give our team a call for more information about pricing and custom orders.

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