As a purchasing manager or distributor, you have a lot on your plate. So much to do, so little time, right? This is why it can be so frustrating when trying to find a go-to place for ordering custom plastic bags to meet your packaging needs — especially if you don’t have what would be considered a large order. 

It’s true many manufacturers require a minimum order because they want to keep their costs low. But you’ve got a budget you need to stick to as well, not to mention a deadline to meet. 

Between long lead times, high costs, and minimum order requirements, it can definitely be nerve-wracking to find the right supplier, but take heart. There are places out there that will work with you. Here’s what to expect when searching for a supplier willing to meet your needs:

3 Tips for Finding Custom Plastic Bags with No Minimum Order

01. Know What Affects Cost

There are many variables that can affect the cost of your purchase, including:

  • The size of the plastic bags you need
  • The type of plastic they’re made of
  • The thickness you need
  • The type of handle or seal you choose

Another factor that affects the price is whether you want the plastic bags printed, and what you choose to print on them. Every color used, for example, can increase your cost. 

Decide and prioritize what you want from your packaging so you can modify your order to cut costs if need be, while still maintaining the quality and performance you need to package your product safely. For instance, consider printing your logo in black and white instead of color, or opting for a different seal.

Also, keep in mind that the more plastic bags you order, the less you’ll pay per bag, so even if you’re looking for plastic bags with no minimum order requirement, it’s good to crunch some numbers to find the magic number of both quantity and cost.

02. Be Realistic About Lead Times

Just as with the variables that can tack on costs, the more complex your order, the longer the turnaround is likely to be. Think about your design compared to your timeline, then determine what you absolutely must have vs. what is not completely necessary. 

Since custom plastic bags are not standard, orders typically take longer than the average lead time of 4 weeks. If you need it faster, be prepared to have to pay more, even if there is no minimum order required.  

In addition, remember that there will be an initial design and proofing process that precedes the actual manufacturing of your order. This typically adds a week to your timeline. 

03. Expect Different Definitions of “Custom”

“Custom” can mean anything from size and shape to printed and branded. Make sure you explain exactly what you’re looking for as well as the details regarding your product, your distribution, and even your goals. Some companies may only offer certain sizes or might not have the ability to print on plastic. Defining what “custom” aspects you need will help to narrow down your search. 

Finding Custom Plastic Bags with No Minimum Order Made Easy!

If you’re a purchasing manager or distributor trying to find custom plastic bags with no minimum order, you’re in luck! You are just one phone call away from ending your frustrations and your search. 

A-Pac Manufacturing offers high-quality custom poly bags with no minimum orders. No matter what style or size bag you’re looking for, we’ve got it, in the order quantity you want, and on the timeline you need. We are happy to work with you to find the best solution for your application. Get in touch with our team online or make that one last phone call by dialing 800-272-2634 to learn more. Let’s start building a relationship today!

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