Benefits of Flexible Food Packaging

Flexible packaging is all the rage lately for businesses in the food packaging industry. After all, its non-rigid versatility checks off a lot of boxes on their must-have lists, from cost-effectiveness to brand reinforcement. There are many reasons why this type of food packaging is not only a favorite among purchasing managers, but consumers, too! Here are just a handful of benefits flexible packaging for food delivers:


01. Flexible Food Packaging is Environmentally-Friendly

Flexible packaging materials are designed to be reusable and recyclable. They require less energy and material to make than other options, minimizing waste and emissions. In addition, fewer trucks are needed to transport this type of packaging, which means less fuel is used and less air pollution is created.  


02. You Don’t Have to Sacrifice Durability

Flexible food packaging may be lightweight, but that doesn’t mean it’s not strong! The materials used are not only light and flexible, but also durable, and that means food is protected and kept safe — a high priority for everyone involved.


03. Flexible Food Packaging Extends Shelf Life

Because the materials used for flexible food packaging are so durable, they’re great at protecting products from outside contaminants, keeping food fresh, and allowing it to last longer. This is beneficial for suppliers and consumers alike!


04. Consumers Love It!

Lighter and less bulky than other options, flexible packaging makes food easy to carry, transport, and store. Plus, the packaging can be reused, which is not only convenient, but also provides a sense of environmental consciousness. This type of packaging is resealable, too, so food stays fresher longer than it typically would. Bonus for you: consumers are willing to pay more for all of the advantages flexible packaging offers!


05. Shipping and Transportation Costs are Reduced

Just as consumers like the convenient and easy aspects of flexible packaging, those in the food industry like that it makes for fast and easy shipping, too! And because this type of packaging is lighter and takes up less space than other options, shipping and transportation costs are reduced, including fuel and maintenance costs for transport vehicles.


06. You Can Enjoy Higher Efficiency and Lower Costs

Because of the simplified way in which flexible packaging for food is made, production can accommodate quick turnarounds while also saving on costs. For instance, the process of making poly bags, a popular flexible packaging option, entails just two steps: extruding the plastic, then cutting and sealing it to size in varying quantities. That means orders can be filled in less time and for less money than traditional packaging options.


07. Flexible Packaging for Food is Customizable

This type of packaging is great for printing on and showing off your brand in a way that consumers can quickly and easily recognize. You can get creative with your design as well, since the flexibility allows for any size or shape packaging and imagery to catch the eye of possible passing customers. 


08. Flexible Food Packaging is Every Purchasing Manager’s Dream!

When you’re searching for an economical solution that doesn’t skimp on quality, you just can’t beat flexible food packaging. As you can tell by all the other benefits listed above, it’s durable, versatile, customizable, sustainable, affordable, and definitely likeable! 

It wouldn’t be surprising if you’ve already decided this is the solution for you, but if this dream packaging has become a nightmare to get, don’t give up just yet. Small to mid-sized companies can often feel like a small fish in a big pond, not receiving the priority or quality packaging you need from large suppliers, but A-Pac Manufacturing has your back.

As a similar-sized company ourselves, we understand what you’re up against and will do everything we can to help. We offer custom, flexible food packaging poly bags with no minimum order and short lead times. We also provide custom printing to ensure your packages always reflect your brand and connect with your consumers. 

At A-Pac, we make it a priority to be a flexible food packaging supplier you can count on, delivering high-quality poly bags that fit your budget and solve exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. Give us a call at 800-272-2634 or connect with us online today. 



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